WE READ BETWEEN THE LINES – VLamax and energy metabolism

eLab offers combined respiratory gas exchange and blood lactate testing, with the power of state-of-the-art metabolic analytics, to get below the surface of traditional testing protocols.  Our physiologists identify the most valuable of metabolic variables (VLamax, Fatmax, Anaerobic Threshold) to assess your full metabolic profile.  We help you take performance to the next level. Read more

See what Dan Lorang, coach for IRONMAN World Champion Jan Frodeno, has to say about VLamax, the secret weapon of endurance performance.


Understanding your body is essential to achieving your fitness goals and avoiding training plateaus.  Our in-house physiology lab allows us to create custom training & nutrition regimens for the full spectrum of athletes, from beginner to elite! Services offered:

Respiratory Gas Exchange submax testing for maximal fat burning / metabolic efficiency
Respiratory Gas Exchange to identify maximal fat burning, training zones and VO2max
Blood Lactate / VLamax Testing to identify a full metabolic profile
Nutrition Consultations & Body profile measurements using InBody 520 BIA
Sweat Testing & Hydration Consultations

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Precise and accurate test results require the best tools and an experienced exercise physiologist to devise the right protocols and interpret the data with care and attention to detail.  Our lab is outfitted with clinical grade, state-of-the-art equipment, and we ensure the highest levels of precision when administering and interpreting your results. 


From amateurs to professionals, from runners to stand-up paddle boarders, it’s about maximizing your potential regardless of your sport or level of expertise.  Whether it’s assessing metabolic efficiency, or updating training zones, eLab allows us to prescribe fine-tuned training & exercise programs so you can quickly improve health, wellness and performance.

Not All Sweat Is Created Equally

Managing electrolyte balance during exercise and competition is vital to optimizing fitness, performance and health. Sodium loss in sweat is not the same for everyone, so take a sweat test to identify exactly what your body needs to stay hydrated. Endurance PTC has partnered with Precision Hydration to offer sweat testing services. Get a customized hydration plan according to your physiology rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.