Paul and Tim are true professionals. Not only are they some of the top experts in the field, but they impart their knowledge in ways that are not only clear, but motivational. Whether you’re fitting your new bike, riding through the Headlands, or heading to the lab, these guys are here to help you succeed.


Paul has made a career out of doing what he loves. As a renowned bike fitter, he’s helped thousands of riders log millions of comfortable miles. As an instructor, he’s improved the techniques and physiques of cyclists for years. As a bike racer he’s been pinning numbers on for thirty years. And as a riding partner, he’s pretty tough to keep up with.

  • Category 2 road & cyclocross bicycle racer
  • Managing Partner at Endurance Performance
  • Owner/Operator Fits by Paul
  • Wine enthusiast, dog lover, mediocre comedian


For 20 years, Tim has coached athletes in every aspect of their performance. From nutrition to technique, his commitment to education extends well beyond the cycling world. Here at Endurance, Tim heads up the lab and coaching programs, as well as teaching eCycling. With a master’s degree in exercise science, a former professional triathlete and a passion for wellness, we think he’s a pretty good fit for the job.


We’re all fitness experts, but beyond that it’s anyone’s guess. Our styles are different, our tastes in music are all over the place, and some of us work for treats. But we have one thing in common: dedication to making you the best you can be. Meet  Andrew, Bo, Beth, Michelle, Hope and Leslie.